Motorcycling Idaho
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Motorcycling Idaho

It’s about time Idaho had its own guide to the best motorcycle riding in “The Gem State.” Washington has one; Montana has one... And now it’s happening for Idaho!

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Cole Boehler, 40-year newspaperman and rider, has been riding Idaho for 35 years. He operates Continental Communications, a small publishing firm that specializes in guide books, magazines, periodicals and maps for Northern Rockies motorcycle enthusiasts. The company currently produces “Northern Rockies Rider Top Tours” magazine (three editions), the “Motorcycling Montana” guide book (two editions, three printings) and has several other proprietary motorcycle-specific projects under development.

Here is what one believer in Cole’s work had to say: “If you come out with a book for any other state, we want it. No kidding, your (guide book) is the best guide I have ever seen, in or out of a bookstore. Cut the perfect size for a saddlebag; reads like a conversation but is loaded with the information of a guide book.” – D.D. Youngstown, Ohio