2015 Top Tours Magazine
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2015 Top Tours Magazine

Welcome to our third annual edition of Northern Rockies Rider Top Tours 2015-16 magazine! Free with book purchase

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How fortunate we are! Within a day of our home we can access some of the finest motorcycle riding in the world. That would be the Northern Rockies of Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and, of course, Montana. If we push it, we can even get to the Black Hills of Western South Dakota in a day.

We've been riding the region since 1978 and know the best routes. Represented here in Top Tours are 26 of our favorites including six new ones. We have dozens more and expect to present them in future annual editions.

The criteria for judging quality motorcycle touring routes are subjective. This is what we seek and find to one degree or another and what characterizes the routes reviewed here in detail:

Remoteness with as little traffic as possible, scenic landscapes, decent pavement (in some cases merely passable) and quality roadway engineering, roads that change direction and elevation continually, and places and communities with friendly and helpful people and businesses. We think most riding enthusiasts concur.

Most of these can be ridden in a day or two, but why not plan to string several together for a great long weekend or touring vacation? Nothing like three, seven or 12 days out on the bike with a favorite companion or riding pals to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. It's called throttle therapy.We advocate taking plenty of this medicine.

A word on our advertisers: First, they are responsible for us being able to bring these routes to the attention of almost 7,000 rider households. They paid our writers, photographers, graphic designers, printers and distributors. They allowed us to get this magazine to you, sometimes free, which is everyone's favorite price. Look for the magazine at advertiser businesses.

Beyond that, understand that they spent money to put their messages in a product that targets riders. This means they want and appreciate motorcycle business. That alone makes these businesses worthy of your patronage.
In this, our third edition, we have presented the routes by state or province in alphabetical order, starting with Alberta through to Wyoming.

Look for us along your favorite route!

Ride hard, ride free, ride well and ride safe!